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Gaga PR

March 6, 2010

Having read that Gaga was spotted having her nails done at Malmaison, Liverpool and popping out to Greggs in London, I spent time last night speculating as to where she went on other parts of the Monster Ball tour.


Gaga is seen asking for directions to Aphex Palace believing it to be the Aphex Twin’s winter residence.


Gaga goes to the Guinness Brewery to find out whether it would be a good idea to start washing her hair in it.


Gaga goes to the Titanic Quarter ‘to catch up with Celine’


Gaga gets her chops round a fried mars bar. Calorie counting for rest of tour.


Gaga goes to Revolution with Church and Henson for a pitcher (or two) of Woo Woo.


Tries, but fails, to find The Tuxedo Princess. Sad times.


Asks for the Plaza de Toros. ‘Errr, it’s a shopping centre you yampi yank!’.

Please suggest more for the rest of the dates on her tour…


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One Comment
  1. Dave Yarwood permalink

    Gaga seeks tanning advice from Phil Brown but cancels visit and the gig following his sacking as he’s no longer ‘Mr Big Time’ and the town is by no means ‘Premier League’

    Gaga bumps into mild lookalike tranvestite on Brighton pier and momentarily switches identities. Gaga goes ‘home’ to bungalow only to realise she dislikes Rich Tea Fingers and snaps back out of it.

    Gaga denounces local mint cake as false advertising.

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