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February 26, 2010

First article by guest contributor, a good friend and better storyteller, David Yarwood.


I’m currently feeling riled by all this Brit award shmuck and so feel like a rant.
A timely reminder to Florence & The Machine, Muse, Paolo Nutini et al:
If you didn’t win a Brit – don’t worry – there’s always next time. In fact it shoudn’t be too long since its surely only a few weeks before the next awards ceremony majestically demands our votes and attention. Clamouring for maximum exposure are the Brits, Grammies, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MOBOs, Q Awards, Kerrang Awards, NME Awards to name but a few. In all honesty if Daphne & Celeste were still releasing records, even they would probably have a mishapen ornament above the fire place! These days if you are a signed recording artist and you have not got a recognised award to your name, you probably need to have a look at yourself and say “Is it time to take up currency trading?”.
While the bigwigs at the Brits were prepping Fearne Cotton’s blouse so that she didn’t look pregnant (it didn’t work), or making sure that Florence had enough make up at her disposal (currently rivalling J-Lo in the diva factor), EMI announced that they were to sell the famous Abbey Road studios in London due to financial downturns.
This begs the question in an age where every music star out there is supposedly living off their bare bones because of illegal file sharing, where Lily Allen needs to retire to remain financially stable, and where one of the biggest music labels in the world in EMI is selling off a world famous national treasure in Abbey Road – how can we afford to throw such lavish parties every week to celebrate our great talent?
The Answer: Media conglomerate profit making.
The awards themselves mean nothing – so much so that everyone’s got one. But as long as we are aware that the winners were voted for by the viewers of MTV Base, the readers of NME, or the listeners of XFM then that’s the main thing. So let’s all celebrate the achievements of our Brit award winners brought to us by Mastercard – they deserve their moment but its only a matter of time before they step back for the flavours of next month. At least Lily Allen’s not complaining.


Lovely stuff there from David Yarwood. Headbanger extraordinaire, karaoke master.

Send me stuff and I’ll put it up here.Must be music related and I must agree (more or less) with your words.


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