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The Sound of 2010 (I hope)

February 7, 2010

Yes I may be adding my tuppence here rather but I thought it would be interesting to report back in a year’s time how tremendously spot on/horrendously off target I was.

So 2010. The start of a new decade. What defined the Noughties? Nu rave? Grime? Landfill indie? Only time will tell. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the music of the last decade (Jesus H. Christ that sounds like some drippy, lettucey reflection from a ‘celebrity’ in Pop in the Noughties or some other vanilla TV Saturday night TV schedule filler). Anyway, I think the great thing about the Noughties was that the internet allowed artists who previously would have skulked in obscurity a degree of exposure. This also meant that it became a lot easier for a curious music fan in Egham to find out what was happening in the Estonian music scene.

2010 is poised to be a big year musically. New albums from Hot Chip, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Interpol and The Strokes to name but a few. Jay-Z returning to the UK festival scene. The Daft Punk ‘Tron’ soundtrack. The opening of FAC251. I could go on.

In terms of picking out which bands/artists will be big in 2010, there are some shoe-ins that have tons of record label wonga behind them (I’m looking at you Ellie Goulding and Delphic). There are others who come backed by a wave of hype and comparatively little substance. And there are yet more; the underdogs who fight tooth and nail for the kudos they deserve.

Here are those I’m hoping to ‘do an Animal Collective’ this year.


Their second album ‘Odd Blood’ is out on Monday and is BLOODY BRILLIANT. It’s a pretty difficult sound to define with influences from African tribalism to 8 bit but it does make for a cohesive, diverse yet accesible listen. ‘Ambling Alp’ is a particular favourite and has a bonkers video¬† They’re also meant to be excellent live; I have tickets for their London show in a few weeks- super psyched!


These guys have a winning combination of soaring melodies and tight harmonies. Reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, they’re the kind of band who make me want to fill my flagon, grab hold of a friend and sing along completely out of tune. And they have good facial hair too.


Spooky, spectral sounds from this Brighton outfit. I imagine Kate Bush would give a thumbs up to this. But her being Kate Bush it would probably be the biggest, weirdest thumb you’ve ever seen. They have a song called ‘Lucia, at the precipice’. I like that.


Everyone seems to be clucking on about the lo-fi revival. I have no problem with this. In fact, I actively embrace the lo-fi revival. On the condition, as with any musical revival, that the sound is developed/evovled. Best Coast successfully manages to do this, with heartbreaking lyrics and something that evokes more than just Seattle in the 90’s. And they remind me of Giant Drag. Does anyone know what happened to them?


This guy has got more soul than the Killers. Quite a substantial amount more. ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’ WILL be a big hit and rightly so. No doubt Ronson will chip in with a horny remix too.


I’m normally sceptical of bands whose live show is described as ‘intense’. It normally means the music is shit. However, having heard a couple of Loverman’s tunes (for tunes read noisefest), I really want to see them play live. I’ll probably stand near the back though. The lead singer is well scary.

Here concludes my list of who I hope to succeed this year. Hope you enjoyed it and post more bands for me to look in to.

And if there is ONE album I forbid you to buy this year, it’s The Drums. ‘Ooh everyone lapped up that whistling on that popular record ‘Young Folks’! Why don’t we record a song with whistling? And we’re from LA. And we can say we like The Cure.’



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